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Privacy Policy

We Respect Your Privacy
The information gathered on this site, is never shared with anyone, except in connection with your order. Credit card or check information is only shared with financial institutions that process your payment. Shipping information is shared with shippers that fulfill your order. Information on financing applications goes
directly to the financial institution that handles the financing; we never see your application information, only your approval code, name and address. Technically, this shared information does pass out of our direct control, but we make clear to financial companies and manufacturers/shippers we work with that we expect your information to be handled appropriately.

We do not sell, rent, share, trade or give away any of the information you provide to us except to the financial institutions processing your payment or you're financing application and the shippers that produce and/or deliver your order. No third party will solicit you as a result of information within our control.
It is true that the information you provide is subject to disclosure pursuant to judicial or other government subpoenas, warrants, or orders. Other than these fairly extreme cases, your personal information will be shared with no one.

As a registered user, you may occasionally receive emails from us, including:

  • Newsletters.

  • Special Offers.

  • When you place an order with us online, you will also receive email updates regarding the status of your order. These emails, which are critical to fulfilling your order, will not be affected by updating your email preferences.

Secure Shopping
We make certain that we never share the information you've shared with us. We also make sure that your information is protected as you send it to us.